VOTE AUGUST 18, 2020

Elect Clarence "Chief" Williams III, Democrat   For Port Of Palm Beach, Group 3


Clarence D. Williams, favorably known as “Chief” is running for Port of Palm Beach because he understands the true benefits and the economics of the Port. The Port MUST be allowed to live up to its full potential and be the economic engine that is was created to be. When the Port is operating at it highest level, then and only then will the Port be a true regional economic partner to the communities it serves. The revenue generated from the Port by the surrounding communities should be used to create opportunities for regional business participation.

The Port of Palm Beach is an entry point into the county as well as the country. Therefore it makes the Port a potential target. Clarence Williams, assisted in the design and implementation of the Port’s security plan and is uniquely qualified to understand those budgetary costs and the strategic plans of Home Land Security.

Clarence is an experienced public servant with a passion for putting our communities first. He has served the Riviera Beach community as police chief since 2002, playing an instrumental role as a change agent for building stronger community relations while enhancing the police services and implementing state of the art law enforcement technologies.

Clarence earned his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Cincinnati. As a testament to his perseverance and belief that education is a tool for success, Williams also earned his JD from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1982 while working full-time as a Cincinnati police officer. He has over 40 years in Public Service.

Today, Williams continues to put his Community First and is dedicated to making Palm Beach County a better place for families and businesses.