Campaign Announcement

Elect Clarence "Chief" Williams III, Democrat For Port Of Palm Beach, Group 3

It is my sincere desire to bring my many years of public service to the Port Commission.  Ports are gateways into our country.  As such, understanding the essential security concerns inherent with ports is critical.  Compounding the security issues for our Port is the President of the United States is a nearby resident.  During my tenure as Chief of Police for the city in which the Port is located, Riviera Beach, I assisted in the design and implementation of Port of Palm Beach’s security plan following the passage of the Federal Homeland Security Act of 2003.

The Port of Palm Beach taxing district was created by the Florida State legislature to serve as an economic engine for all communities within the Port’s district and has tremendous economic potential yet untapped. The Port of Palm Beach’s taxing district, represents over 50% of Palm Beach County’s population.

My plan is to work with the other Port Commissioners to help ignite the vast regional economic opportunities contained within the Port district with the goals of: increasing regional economic impact, expanding economic opportunities with municipalities, revitalizing inlet port opportunities and overall unlocking and igniting the full potential of this economic engine for the benefit of citizens and businesses of Palm Beach County and beyond.

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